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Validation of magnetic instrumentation

Calibration and traceability

We can carry out magnetic measurements on a wide variety of magnetic instruments and materials. The parameters and ranges offered are continuously developed to meet the needs of new measurement standards and techniques. Almost all measurements are UKAS accredited. 

Traceability to the primary standards of mass, length, time and the ampere is established through calibrated derived standards, together with well established measurement techniques.

DC measurements depend upon traceability either to frequency, using magnetic resonance, or length and the ampere using search-coils and flux integrators. This forms the basis for the calibration of magnetic flux and field measuring devices which in turn are used to determine the properties of magnetic materials.

AC measurements derive their traceability from the electrical standards of frequency, current, voltage and resistance.

The range of instruments for which a calibration service is provided includes:

  • Fluxgate magnetometers
  • Hall effect gaussmeters
  • Reference magnets
  • Helmholtz coils
  • Standard solenoids
  • Search coils
  • Flux integrators
  • Portable field meters for EMC measurements
  • Antenna calibrations up to 100 kHz with uncertainties less than 1 %

Certain measurements, such as the exploration of the ambient magnetic fields or calibrations of coil systems, can also be made on site.  

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