Monitoring emissions

Multi-component terpene mixtures

NPL provides a range of terpene primary reference materials (PRMs) at amount fractions from 1 to 200 nmol/mol. One typical multi-component terpene mixture contains the components shown below.

(+/-)-α-pinene (+)-3-carene
1,8-cineole (eucalyptol) R-(+)-limonene

Mixtures containing other terpenes, such as β-pinene, myrcene, camphor, p-cymene or cis-ocimene, are available on request.

33-component ozone precursor and terpene mixture

NPL can provide a PRM containing all 30 components of the ozone precursor mixture, as well as α-pinene, β-pinene and limonene. This mixture is available at a range of amount fractions from 2 to 10 nmol/mol. Other components may be included and these terpenes can also be combined with just the BTEX components on request.

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