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Gas reference materials

Hydrogen purity analysis

Accurate and traceable measurements

NPL can provide purity services for gas standard producers, gas analysis laboratories and suppliers of hydrogen refuelling stations. We use a range of techniques (including gas chromatography and spectroscopy) to perform purity analysis of hydrogens samples according to ISO 14687-2:2012. Please note that some methods require higher volumes of gas sample.

Impurity ISO 14687 [µmol/mol] Analytical method Detection limit [µmol/mol] Required amount of gas [L]
Water 5 Quartz crystal microbalance
15 L
30 - 60 L
Total hydrocarbons 2 GC-Methaniser-FID 0.1 2 L
Oxygen 5 GC-PDHID 0.3 2 L
Helium 300 GC-TCD 10 2 L
100 GC-PDHID 0.3
2 L
Carbon dioxide 2 GC-Methaniser-FID 0.02 2 L
Carbon monoxide 0.2 GC-Methaniser-FID 0.02 2 L
Total sulphur compounds 0.004 GC-SCD 0.001 1 L
Formaldehyde  0.01 GC-Methaniser-FID 0.1 2 L
Formic acid 0.2 FTIR 0.2 30 L
Ammonia 0.1 GC-MS
UV-visible spectroscopy
2 L
15 L
30 L
Total halogenated compounds
(only organic halogenated compounds, excluding HCl and Cl2)
0.05 TD-GC-MS 0.016 1.5 L

We can also perform analysis of additional impurities to those listed above and in accordance with other standards (such as ISO 14687-1:1999 for hydrogen gas grids).

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