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Gas reference materials

Hydrogen proficiency testing

Independent assurance of the quality of testing 

Proficiency testing is defined as the evaluation of a laboratory's performance against pre-established criteria by means of interlaboratory comparisons. The participating laboratory will assess the accuracy of their results and comparability to peer laboratories over time. They will be asked to provide key information on technical issues and methodologies. Proficiency testing is an independent means of assuring the quality of testing and calibration results, as described in ISO/IEC 17025.

Interlaboratory proficiency testing schemes

A proficiency testing scheme involving other gas analysis laboratories can be arranged depending on the demand for such an intercomparison - please contact us if you would like to register your interest. A PRGM would be prepared at NPL and sent to the participants (generally there would be more than seven participants for an ideal intercomparison). Following the measurements, the PRGM would be returned to NPL for re-analysis and the participants' measurements would be compared to the reference value for the PRGM. This type of proficiency testing scheme allows each participant to compare their capabilities directly against other leading laboratories performing hydrogen purity analysis measurements. On completion of the testing a proficiency testing report and PRGM certificate will be sent to each participant. Each participant can choose to remain anonymous in the report.

Hydrogen Purity Laboratory Overview

On-demand proficiency testing schemes

An on-demand proficiency testing scheme follows the procedure for the interlaboratory intercomparison, but is performed with only one laboratory (a bilateral intercomparison). A proficiency testing report and PRGM certificate will be sent to the participant.

Enquire about a proficiency testing scheme

Depending on the demand for such a scheme, we will be able to provide either an on-demand or interlaboratory proficiency testing scheme. 

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