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Gas reference materials

Breath alcohol and interfering substances

Making measurements accurate

Traceable measurements of breath alcohol and interfering substances are required to underpin drink driving, airline and other workplace legislation. Gas standards containing these compounds can be used, for example, to calibrate evidential breath analysers as specified by the OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) International Recommendation OIML R 126 (Evidential breath analyzers).

Gas standards containing ethanol and interfering substances can be prepared to the requirements of the customer. Examples of the most common components in these mixtures are given below. Other interfering substances (such as those listed in OIML R 126) may be available on request.

Component Matrix gas Amount fraction range
From To
Ethanol Nitrogen or air 20 μmol/mol 1.6 mmol/mol
Methanol Nitrogen or air 10 μmol/mol 100 μmol/mol
Acetone Nitrogen or air 10 μmol/mol 100 μmol/mol
Toluene Nitrogen or air 10 μmol/mol 100 μmol/mol
Methyl ethyl ketone Nitrogen or air 100 μmol/mol 1 mmol/mol
Nitrogen or air
20 μmol/mol 1.6 mmol/mol
Carbon dioxide 10 mmol/mol 100 mmol/mol

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