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PostGraduate Institute for Measurement Science

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The PostGraduate Institute for Measurement Science (PGI) is a pioneering initiative to equip the UK with an exceptionally skilled workforce ready to tackle real life industrial challenges. The vision of the PGI is to be the number one institute for postgraduate research and training in measurement science. Developed by a strategic collaboration between NPL and the University of Strathclyde and the University of Surrey, the PGI aims to create a step change in industrially relevant postgraduate research and training.

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It is vital that we continue to invest in future generations of scientists and equip them with the necessary skills and training, for the UK to lead the way in advancing and influencing worldwide measurement and industrial strategies.

Dr Peter Thompson - NPL Chief Executive Officer


Student story: Metrology across borders 

Renán Quijano, a joint NPL and the University of Strathclyde PhD student, has been working on ways to certify the accuracy of electricity meters in the presence of variable power quality.

The project was fully funded by the Mexican National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt) and the Secretariat of Energy, and was carried out using links with other NMIs, particularly with VSL in the Netherlands.

The project identified signals that caused measurement error in static electricity meters in order to examine possible weaknesses in the meter design, from the analogue front-end to the digital signal processor. The analysis of the error root cause is useful to standards organisations such as IEC and ANSI, electricity meter manufacturers and designers of integrated circuits for power and energy management. The project provided evidence and recommendations to establish new tests and test conditions to ensure that electricity meters give accurate information under any conditions. This will help to develop the next-generation of fit-for-purpose electricity meters.

“One of the best experiences so far during my PhD has been the opportunity to be part of the NPL Postgraduate Institute for Measurement Science (PGI).  It has provided me with valuable metrology knowledge and the chance to be involved in an international research project related to my PhD. I feel confident to bring the acquired skills and knowledge back to my country.”

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We are proud of the impact our work makes across advanced manufacturing, energy, environment, digital and life sciences. The PGI underpins all research areas and can help you to address your measurement challenges through postgraduate research.
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