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PostGraduate Institute for Measurement Science

Our future workforce – creating impact through measurement

A unique collaboration

The PostGraduate Institute for Measurement Science (PGI) is a pioneering initiative equipping the UK with an exceptionally skilled workforce ready to tackle real life industrial challenges.

The vision of the PGI is to be the number one institute for postgraduate research and training in measurement science. Developed by a strategic collaboration between NPL and the University of Strathclyde and the University of Surrey, the PGI aims to create a step change in industrially-relevant postgraduate research and training.

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The PGI, by its placement at the centre of the strategic partnership between the University of Strathclyde, the University of Surrey and the National Physical Laboratory, is a unique, multi-disciplinary UK national centre for postgraduate research training and skills development in metrology and its applications.

By adopting a collaborative approach with our academic partners and with industry, we are enhancing knowledge and skills in measurement science and its application, ensuring innovation and advancement in many fields of science, technology and engineering. The PGI’s cohort experience extends the students’ network with industry and provides support and activities beyond the host Higher Education Institute. 


Facilitate advancement – We work with industry partners to define collaborative studentship projects which address their measurement challenges and can transform businesses making it more productive and effective for customers and end-users.

Provide confidence - Good measurement science promotes accuracy, reduces business risks throughout the product life-cycle and improves confidence and efficiency. Students become experts in reliable and traceable data analysis, driving effective decision making and productivity growth.

Create connections – The PGI brings together a community of users and fosters new collaborations between academia, research institutes and industry focused on addressing measurement and industrial challenges.

Creating the next generation of world-class measurement scientists

Comprising nearly 200 postgraduate researchers from across the UK, co-supervised by our staff and in collaboration with over 30 UK universities and industrial partners, the PGI is creating a future generation of scientists and engineers that can benefit industry and wider society. 

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Tackling real world industrial challenges

Positioned at the interface between academia and industry, the PGI is a gateway for companies looking to understand and utilise measurement in order to perform research and innovation. Our students work on real-life industrial challenges, with many uniquely placed to provide the resource and solutions needed to accelerate the translation of research into impacts on commerce and quality of life.

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Research and training


Measurement is of fundamental importance to developing robust science and reliably translating it into engineering and technological applications. Measurement enables the UK to sustainably address current and future demands and challenges. The research carried out by the Postgraduate Institute's student community spans many scientific disciplines and industrial sectors, from biotechnology to aerospace. The discoveries our researchers are making contribute extensively to strengthening the UK’s positioning at the forefront of innovation in measurement science.



Training is at the heart of the PGI. The postgraduate courses aim to develop and nurture world-class researchers to achieve a mastery of scientific methodologies. Through developing knowledge and skills in measurement science and its application, students learn to bring innovation and science advancement to their field of research and industrial sector.

PGI training

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Building connections through 5G


Case study

Helping the UK have a smarter energy network


PGI Conference

The Postgraduate Institute for Measurement Science (PGI) conference brings together experts and practitioners in the field. Now in its fourth year, the conference celebrates the success of its unique strategic partnership with the University of Surrey and University of Strathclyde. Hosted this year at NPL in Teddington, PGI students will be among those presenting the latest advances in measurement science.

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Driven by our ambition to become the leading centre for postgraduate training and skills development in measurement science, the PGI is continually developing and growing. We are committed to supporting the UK’s need for an exceptionally skilled workforce ready to address a range of industrial challenges. We offer the resources, expertise and networks that ensure our cutting-edge research helps to tackle real-world problems.

Our students can gain the knowledge and skills needed to establish and advance careers in measurement science. Together with the collaborative approach taken by the PGI, students are able to meet the needs of industry and academia to strengthen their expertise and impact. Contact us to find out more about our exciting opportunities and ways in which you can play a part in the PGI, or visit our current PhD opportunitiies.

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We are proud of the impact our work makes across advanced manufacturing, energy and environment, digital and life sciences and health. The PGI underpins all research areas and can help you to address your measurement challenges. If you would like to work with us, discuss a research project or join the PGI, please contact us.

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The PGI Team

The PGI Team

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I’m proud of the achievements of the Postgraduate Institute for Measurement Science since its formation in 2015, and excited by its plans for growth. It is vital that we continue to invest in future generations of scientists and equip them with the necessary skills and training, for the UK is to lead the way in advancing and influencing worldwide measurement and industrial strategies.

Dr Peter Thompson - NPL Chief Executive Officer

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