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Postgraduate Institute for Measurement Science

About the PGI

The aims, objectives and benefits of the PGI

Creating the next generation of world-class measurement scientists

Comprising around 200 postgraduate researchers from across the UK, co-supervised by our staff in collaboration with over 30 UK universities and industrial partners, the PGI is creating a future generation of scientists and engineers that can benefit industry and wider society. 

The PGI were mentioned as a case study within the Government’s Research and Development (R&D) Roadmap 2020. This Roadmap sets out the UK’s vision and ambition for science, research and innovation.

Collaborating to tackle global challenges  

Positioned at the interface between academia and industry, the PGI is a gateway for companies and research organisations looking to understand and utilise measurement in order to perform research and innovate. Our students work on important challenges, with many uniquely placed to provide the resource and solutions needed to accelerate the translation of research and create impact on commerce and quality of life.


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Partnerships: collaborating with academia and industry

The PGI is a unique, multi-disciplinary UK centre for postgraduate research and skills development in metrology and its applications. It is placed at the centre of the strategic partnership between the University of Strathclyde, the University of Surrey and the National Physical Laboratory.

By adopting a collaborative approach with our academic partners, businesses and the public sector, we are enhancing knowledge and skills in measurement science and its application. This in turn will ensure innovation and advancement of science, technology and engineering. The PGI’s cohort experience extends the students’ network with industry and provides support and activities beyond the host Higher Education Institute.

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Benefits to students and industry

The PGI has a positive impact on the careers of the researchers and the companies they work with. 

Facilitate advancement – We work with industry and public sector partners to define collaborative students projects. By addressing measurement challenges, they can transform businesses and other enterprises making them more productive and effective for customers and end-users.  

Provide confidence - Good measurement science promotes accuracy, reduces business risks throughout the product life-cycle and improves confidence and efficiency. Students become experts in reliable and traceable data analysis, driving effective decision making and productivity growth.

Create connections – The PGI brings together a community of users and fosters new collaborations between academia, research institutes and industry focused on addressing measurement and industrial challenges.

Student story: Making composites safer at sea

Jasmine Bone, a joint PhD student funded by the University of Surrey, NPL and Element Materials Technology, has been working with industry partners to ensure the safety of composite materials used in marine environments. Applications of polymer composites in shipping, wind or tidal turbine blades and offshore structures, require high durability and performance in changing and aggressive environments. This project investigated the use of elevated temperatures to accelerate the ageing of composites when exposed to immersion in water, high pressure and mechanical loading. Various techniques were used to identify the chemical and mechanical property degradation and correlate these changes with the moisture uptake. This allowed an understanding of how the materials behave in a marine environment and helped to determine the long-term predictions of performance.

Jasmine has actively sought opportunities to promote her research and secured additional funding in the form of a 3-year Industrial Fellowship with the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.  

“This Engineering Doctorate has provided multiple occasions for both professional and personal development, and opened up opportunities I didn’t know existed 3 years ago.  Developing academic knowledge as well as the chance to present work at international conferences has been very exciting. 
The impact of this research will enable understanding of the environmental degradation and subsequent detection of the signs of this break down to determine effects on the material life cycle.”

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Driven by our ambition to sustain our position as the leading centre for postgraduate training and skills development in measurement science, the PGI is continually developing and growing. We are committed to supporting the UK’s need for an exceptionally skilled workforce ready to address a range of industrial challenges. We offer the resources, expertise and networks that ensure our cutting-edge research helps to tackle real-world problems.

Our students can gain the knowledge and skills needed to establish and advance careers in measurement science. Together with the collaborative approach taken by the PGI, students are able to meet the needs of industry and academia to strengthen their expertise and impact.

Contact us to find out more about our exciting opportunities and ways in which you can play a part in the PGI, or visit our current PhD opportunities.

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