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Hydrogen technologies

Developing measurement and modelling techniques to maximise the performance, durability and safety of hydrogen fuel cells and water electrolysers

We work closely with the research community and industry to develop advanced measurement techniques, modelling tools and standard test methods as part of government-supported goals for improving fuel cell and electrolyser systems.

These electrochemical devices show great promise for large-scale energy conversion and storage applications. Electrolysers use electrical energy to split water to hydrogen, while fuel cells recover electrical energy by combining hydrogen as a fuel with oxygen, with water as the only by-product.

Our recent research towards these goals has led to:

Our government-funded research is guided by an Industrial Advisory Group, who ensure our work is closely guided by current and future industry needs. We maintain strong collaborative links with academia and are active in a number of collaborative projects, including:


Hydrogen technology testing

Electrochemical consultancy

Hydrogen Refuelling Station Project 

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Understanding the impact of impurities in hydrogen fuel


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