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Translational metrology for antimicrobial and drug discovery

Developing new measurement tools for the validation of novel mechanisms in the fight against antimicrobial resistance

Since the discovery of penicillin we have heavily relied on antibiotics to cure everything from acne to pneumonia. But times change and these pillars of modern medicine are losing their status at an alarming rate. With the spread of antimicrobial resistance, we have fallen well behind the historical rate of antibiotic discovery as traditional compounds and search paradigms are being exhausted.

There is clear demand for new classes of antimicrobial agents whose mode of action is more predictable at the single-cell and population levels. This cannot be fully realised without a metrological framework to support and pre-validate new antimicrobials. We are harnessing leading-edge artificial intelligence approaches to process big data from predictive modelling and biomolecular measurements. This means we can provide an effective means to advance antimicrobial discovery and its preclinical validation.

The measurement tools and methods we develop will allow end-users and early adopters in industry to make their R&D capabilities faster, more quantitative and predictive. By further diversifying and improving our measurements, we are expanding support for drug discovery to other areas ranging from intracellular pathogens and protein receptors to lipid membrane precursors and viruses.

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