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Data fusion and network design simulation software

This software can be used to simulate distributed measuring systems and networks in which sensors may be faulty, noisy or interdependent. The software can be used to study network design, to compare data fusion algorithms and to evaluate measurement uncertainties associated with aggregated data in networks.

We have produced a suite of MATLAB modules and Microsoft Excel workbooks that users can employ to study design of sensor networks and to investigate measurement uncertainty in networks. Users select the modules that are relevant to the task of interest and then combine them in a manner suitable for their application. In some cases it may be necessary for users to provide a limited amount of additional code of their own.

We provide a set of examples that demonstrate how to use the software:

  1. Simulation of a small network of sensors in which the response of one class of sensors is dependent on the physical quantity being measured by a second class of sensors and some sensors may be intermittently faulty.
  2. Simulation of a dynamic measurement task in which the sensors are modelled as second order systems and Kalman filtering is employed as the data fusion methodology.
  3. Simulation based on a real wireless sensor network that was employed to make a distributed temperature measurement.

17 Nov 2014


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