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Energy transition reports

Measurement needs for carbon capture, usage and storage

The executive summary from NPL’s soon to be released report, ‘Energy Transition: Measurement needs for carbon capture usage and storage’ is now available.

NPL’s upcoming report on the measurement needs and challenges for carbon capture usage and storage (CCUS) will be released in January 2021 with a preview of the executive summary now available for download via the link below.

This latest report describes the potential for CCUS in the energy transition and focuses on the role that metrology (the science of measurement) could play in supporting its deployment. High priority measurement needs and challenges identified within this report include:

  • Measuring and comparing the efficiency of different capture techniques and configurations to provide confidence in investments into technologies;
  • Improving equations of state to support the development of accurate models used for controlling operational conditions;
  • Improving CO2 flow measurement to support fiscal and financial metering, as well as process control, and;
  • Improving the understanding and validation of dispersion models for emitted CO2 including plume migration, to support safety assessment.


Click here to open a full-screen version of the infographic summarising the measurement challenges

These were prioritised through an industry-wide webinar series held in October 2020 and in-depth consultation with key stakeholders across the CCUS industry.

  • The full report will be available for download in January 2021. To receive an alert when the final report is published in full please register here.
  • To learn more about our Energy Transition report series, or to speak to us about our work in CCUS, please contact Emma Richardson

Download the executive summary via the link below.

15 Dec 2020


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