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Quantum technologies

Quantum computing

Harnessing quantum capability for boosting computing

Quantum computing is an emerging technology that leverages the principles of quantum mechanics to solve complex problems beyond the capabilities of classical computers. Quantum computers use qubits, which are individual atoms, electrons, photons, or man-made circuits operating at extremely low temperatures, as their processing units. While basic quantum computing has been demonstrated, the challenge lies in scaling up these systems while maintaining their quantum properties. NPL is well-equipped to support this transition, drawing on years of experience with quantum standards. We contribute to technical evaluation, component characterisation, and the development of documentary standards to define terminology, specifications, and test methods for quantum computers, helping to advance this promising technology.

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Our research

NPL's expertise in quantum computing research and standards development for next-gen technology advancements.

Computational modelling

Our work is helping to accelerate quantum computing capabilities

Superconducting electronics

We are designing, fabricating and measuring components and circuits based on superconducting devices fabricated at the nano-scale

Superconducting quantum circuits

We are developing technologies that will deliver a step change in information processing capabilities

Our services

We work with researchers and manufacturers of quantum devices to ensure reproducible and standardised processes and measurements. We provide test and evaluation to accelerate and increase confidence in quantum computing.



Case study

Increasing the scalability of cryogenic interconnects for quantum computing


Case study

One step closer to mass-market quantum technology adoption


Quantum computing team

We have over 30 internationally-recognised researchers focused on quantum computing, and we are training the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers; developing the capabilities of apprentices, technicians, undergraduates and postgraduates.
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