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Quantum standards

Quantum standards network pilot

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Instrumentation for characterising quantum properties of QKD hardware.

Quantum technologies are a set of emerging capabilities with the potential to achieve a technological paradigm shift across a range of applications. As development moves from research to innovation and ultimately through to products and services, national and international leadership in standards and assurance will be crucial in realising the benefits to the UK.

The UK has a remarkable and highly innovative scientific heritage and given recent significant investments in the National Quantum Technologies Programme (NQTP) the UK is seeking to be a global leader in the successful commercialisation of quantum technologies. As part of that initiative, we need a strong assurance programme.

To achieve that aim, a coordinated approach has been devised to create a UK Quantum Standards Network Pilot involving representatives from industry, academia and government to work across a wide range of applications and disciplines, to support new innovation and to establish UK as a leading spokesperson in the development of international standards, benchmarks and metrics for quantum technologies.

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What would the Quantum Standards Network Pilot do?

The Network will inform the UK community of activities, progress and opportunities to contribute to the standardisation of quantum technologies, including the development of best practice in measurement and test evaluation.

In engaging with UK stakeholders in quantum technologies, the Network will encourage direct involvement in standards development: commenting on proposals and draft standards, discussing UK standards policy and strategy, representing the UK as an expert or delegate at European or international level. Direct involvement gives the opportunity to shape standards that will influence expectations for the global quantum industry.

The Network will also develop roadmaps for the standards requirements of emerging applications of quantum technologies, which would inform decisions on key collaborations and partnerships with other nations and organisations. and commission strategic and scientific work on standards.

The Quantum Standards Network Pilot will enable the UK to coordinate strategic priorities and drive focussed engagement with international standards systems on the standards which matter to the UK.


DSIT logoThe Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) was founded in February 2023 by the Prime Minister to deliver on the UK Government’s ambition to be a global science, research, and technology powerhouse. The Office for Quantum Technologies within DSIT is responsible for driving forward the implementation of the National Quantum Strategy (published in March 2023) and for advancing thinking on quantum policy across government. DSIT is pleased to support this pilot programme as part of the delivery of the National Quantum Strategy to channel industry engagement and promote UK coordination to advance the development of international standards that support our prosperity and security interests.

uk quantum lgogUKQuantum is an industry-led consortium representing the voice of the UK quantum industry. Building upon the UK’s premier research and education institutions, UKQuantum is working to ensure that the UK remains a world leader in the quantum technology industry. The organisation has over 40 members and works to promote the adoption and benefits of quantum technologies and advises on interventions and policies that will advance the quantum industry.

bsi logoBSI is the UK's national standards body (NSB) and the first national standards body to be created. We represent UK economic and social interests across all European and international standards organizations and in the development of business information solutions for British organizations of all sizes and sectors.

NCSC logoThe National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is a part of GCHQ and is the UK’s national technical authority on cyber security and cryptography. We work with partners across the international community, industry, academia and civil society to advise and improve cyber security. NCSC leads on Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) and has an interest in other quantum security-related technologies.

NCSC logoThe NQCC is a new research institution funded through UKRI, which is dedicated to accelerating the development of quantum computing by addressing the challenges of scalability. Working with partners across industry, government and the research community, the NQCC is creating the necessary R&D capabilities through co-ordination and delivery of a technical programme, alongside the commissioning and operation of new facilities. The programme will deliver assured quantum computing capability, enabling the UK to remain internationally competitive. The centre will be headquartered in a purpose-                                                                        built facility at the STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Campus in Oxfordshire, which is due for completion in 2024.

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