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NPL's quantum technology hubs projects

Quantum Computing and Simulation Hub

Software benchmarking, superconducting and ion trapped-based quantum computing

The Quantum Computing and Simulation (QCS) Hub brings together academic and industry partners to accelerate progress in quantum computing. NPL’s work with the QCS hub covers work on software benchmarking and superconducting and ion trap hardware.

We are collaborating on multiple projects which will establish testing capability for software designed to run on quantum computers.

NPL is providing wafer-scale manufacturable microtrap ion trap for a project that provides the infrastructure to allow scaling up to storage and control of 100 qubits. Electronic performance will be tackled and principles for interfacing auxiliary modules to the device are being investigated. These developments will help seed the UK's independent trap manufacturing capability, and this ion trap could be a strong candidate to be the basic building block of an ion trap based quantum computer system.  

We are also collaborating with the hub employing our expertise in characterising microscopic sources of noise and decoherence in superconducting quantum computers. 

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