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Software to characterise and benchmark superconducting qubits

The development of new superconducting qubit designs is an active area of research and development at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). As the technology continues to improve, superconducting qubits are becoming increasingly promising for the realisation of large-scale, error-corrected quantum computers. 

The choice of qubit depends on several parameters that can be chosen to maximise factors such as coherence time or gate fidelity. Superconducting qubit characterisation and benchmarking software is important as it allows researchers to compare the performance of different superconducting qubit designs. It can help users: 

  • identify the best qubit design for a particular application. 
  • optimise the performance of existing qubit designs. 
  • benchmark the progress of superconducting quantum computing. 

NPL offers superconducting qubit characterisation and benchmarking software that considers all relevant factors, supporting hardware manufacturers to make informed decisions about the design of their quantum computers, and users to objectively compare different hardware platforms. 

In addition to the applications mentioned above, the software can also be used to assess the impact of noise on the qubit performance.  

This includes all dominant types of noise, including non-Markovian noise, which is often neglected in qubit characterisation software, but plays a key role in the real-world device performance. The software can also guide the design of error mitigation and correction algorithms tailored to hardware platforms. It is also applicable to other hardware platforms, such as for trapped ions quantum computers. NPL software will be of interest to those working on all types of qubits. 

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