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NPL’s quantum capabilities for industry

Laser linewidth 
measurement consultancy

Laser linewidth consultancy

Lasers are widely used across the classical and quantum landscape in fibre communications, atomic clocks, photonic quantum computing and sensing systems for gases or light detection and ranging (LIDAR).  

Laser linewidth is typically defined as either the full or half width at half maximum intensity on a specified measurement timescale. In many applications, knowledge of the laser linewidth is key to understanding whether a specific laser is suitable. The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) offers a laser linewidth measurement consultancy, where we can recommend methods to evaluate laser linewidths from ~100 MHz to sub-Hz widths for laser wavelengths between 350 nm and 2 microns. 

The NPL laser linewidth consultancy can also include advice on: 

  • Laser characterisation, e.g. power-current-voltage (LIV) measurements 
  • Laser frequency noise 
  • Laser frequency stability 

Our expertise is available for laser manufacturers or end users who need to perform laser linewidth and frequency stability measurements. 

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