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NPL at the Royal Institution of Great Britain

Supporting laser manufacturers and systems integrators

NPL is developing the technical capability to perform high-level metrological tests on lasers, including spectral linewidth and relative intensity noise (RIN). We can offer various means of measurement support to both laser manufacturers and end-users/system integrators. Our advanced characterisation capability and expertise can assist with:  

  • Test and measurement of laser diodes, solid-state lasers and laser systems, at all maturity levels  
  • Consultancy to set up bespoke measurement techniques 
  • Advice on measurements including light-output versus current (L-I), relative intensity of noise (RIN) and spectral frequency tuning 
  • Laser linewidth measurements at specific wavelengths for various quantum systems, including atomic clocks, magnetometers, gravimeters and computers. 

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Case study

Characterising vapour cells for ultra-accurate atomic clocks