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Quantum Metrology Institute

Providing the measurement expertise and facilities needed to underpin the development of quantum technologies

Delivering the NPL Quantum Programme

The Quantum Metrology Institute brings together all of NPL's leading-edge quantum science and metrology research. It provides the expertise and facilities needed for academia and industry to test, validate, and ultimately commercialise new quantum technologies.

The NPL Quantum Programme

The vision for quantum metrology

The Quantum Metrology Institute provides the measurement expertise and facilities needed to underpin the National Quantum Technologies Programme, in which the government and industry are investing around £1bn over ten years.

By bringing together industry engineers, academic researchers and NPL scientists in a highly collaborative environment, the QMI plays a key role in the creation of a UK industry based on quantum technologies.

Quantum phenomena are set to change the world around us. The QMI at NPL is a leading centre for quantum metrology in Europe, collaborating with academic partners, government and industry.

We create the new facilities and deliver world-class research based on quantum phenomena. This enables the translation of quantum technologies and materials into practical applications and underpins new standards, accelerating the commercialisation of new products based on quantum systems.

NPL is building an Advanced Quantum Metrology Laboratory (AQML) at our Teddington site, to expand our focus on quantum technologies. Quantum metrology at NPL will play a crucial role in bridging the gap between quantum science and industry to help grow a profitable and sustainable quantum industry deeply rooted in the UK.

Advanced Quantum Metrology Laboratory

QMI reports

Superconducting Quantum Computing Report

This report makes the case for a coordination of expertise and facilities to support the delivery of superconducting quantum computing capability within the UK.

Superconducting quantum computing report 2018


Engaging UK Industry in the Development of New Standards for Quantum Technologies

This report explains the background to standards, why they are needed and how they are developed. Previous work of NPL in the development of standards for nanotechnology is presented as a worked, functional example and offered as a methodology for quantum standards development.

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International Standards Development for quantum technologies (NPL representation and provision of technical expertise)

This report describes the current international activity in the development of standards for quantum technology and covers NPL’s involvement in the development of future standards for Quantum Computing, Quantum Communications, Quantum Sensing and aspects of NPL involvement in international metrology for Time and Frequency.

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Our focus

Quantum physics describes the behaviour of small particles, including photons, as well as atoms, ions and electrons. The wave-like behaviour of quantum systems gives rise to many interesting properties that can be exploited. These fundamental particles can provide unchanging standards to use for measurement and their 'quantum' behaviour can potentially create a completely new class of advanced sensors and systems, with radically new capabilities for timing and navigation, communications, computing and other critical applications.

NPL is working on advancing quantum technologies and enhancing the UK's quantum capabilities. Our research and development programme is focused on quantum technologies and time and frequency, although our multi-disciplinary approach means we have quantum expertise in many research areas.

Quantum technology research

Quantum technologies

Time and frequency research

Time and frequency