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Measurement for manufacturers

Nadcap measurement and inspection

Gain a competitive edge and reduce risk by achieving and maintaining Nadcap accreditation

The National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) is a global industry-led effort to improve quality and efficiency in the aerospace and defence industries. It brings together prime contractors, suppliers and government representatives to achieve a standardised and streamlined approach to quality assurance, auditing and accreditation throughout the supply chain. Nadcap accreditation for measurement and inspection processes are recognised by leading aerospace companies as a guarantee of product quality.

Measurement and inspection nonconformance issues are being seen across the supply chain and a Nadcap study has shown that there is a misplaced perception that current audit programs are adequate.

- Basics are being missed in current audit programs - a study of data from over 300 suppliers highlighted 2,270 measurement related compliance issues

- Compliance around all measurement fundamentals are poor

- Nonconforming product is being released to customers

Nadcap recommended a unified approach to identifying measurement and inspection issues within the supply chain, as general quality system standards like AS9100 are not designed to provide the depth and breadth needed to address critical measurement and inspection areas.

The solution is adherence to the Nadcap Measurement & Inspection program. More than 50 major aerospace organisations, including Airbus and Boeing, now require their supply chain to be Nadcap accredited.

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What we do

As the UK's National Measurement Institute, NPL offers world-leading expertise in measurement and inspection to help suppliers achieve Nadcap accreditation. Our experts can identify gaps in current practices that may lead to Non-Conformance Reports in a Nadcap audit, and practical solutions to address them, helping you avoid costly failures. Our service includes:

  • Gap Analysis to get you ready for your Nadcap audit 
  • Implementation service to develop processes and train staff
  • Maintenance service to support sustained compliance after your initial audit

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NPL can get you Nadcap-ready by:

  • Helping you understand what is required for a Nadcap audit, particularly measurement and inspection
  • Providing expert guidance on how to interpret/apply audit criteria, provide evidence and identify where to focus effort  
  • Identifying gaps in measurement and inspection processes
  • Recommending improvements to address compliance gaps
  • Embedding best practice knowledge and skills in your employees
  • Highlighting critical areas to monitor moving forward

Case study

Supporting Hyde Aero products to gain Nadcap accreditation


Case study

Enabling Nadcap compliance in the aerospace supply chain


Nadcap check lists

The Nadcap check lists we cover are:

  • AC7130 – This is the mandatory check list for the Nadcap audit covering general aspects of calibration, training records, measurement eystems snalysis and competences
  • AC7130/1 – This list controls coordinate measurement machines
  • AC7130/2 – This list controls laser tracker measurement systems
  • AC7130/3 – This list controls articulated arm measurements
  • AC7130/6 – This list controls general inspection and is a supplement for the base sheet

We do not presently cover AC7130/5 – Airflow testing or AC7130/4 - 3D Light

Please note that this service is a gap analysis, not an audit. NPL cannot guarantee audit compliance following this process.