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Perform your own tests and calibration

NPL’s force facilities are available for hire to customers wishing to perform tests or calibrations to their own procedures. We give access to our calibrated machines and a qualified operator who will assist with setting up and operation of the machines. We can also arrange other NPL measuring equipment including non-contact dimensional instruments, thermal imaging or strain mapping to deliver enhanced data.

Our customers use the facilities for many purposes. Force transducer manufacturers make use of the high accuracy of our machines to test and develop new product types. Engineering and construction companies have taken advantage of the large working volumes and load capacities of the machines to test items such as bridge bearings, marine chains, tethering systems, shear pins and jacking systems.

Our purpose built laboratories have a dedicated loading bay complete with 6 tonne overhead crane, able to handle large and heavy objects.

NPL Force machines available for hire


Force Range

Force Uncertainty*

ISO 376 Class Capability

Approximate Working Space (XYZ mm)*

Tension and Compression 

2.5 kN

0.001 %


130 x 130 x 300

20 kN

0.001 %


150 x 150 x 400

120 kN

0.001 %


300 x 300 x 700

1.2 MN

0.001 %


300 x 300 x 1000

5 MN

0.05 %


400 x 400 x 1000

Compression only

12 MN

0.10 % (incremental)

0.35 % (decremental)



600 x 600 x 1900

30 MN

0.20 %


1200 x 1200 x 1700

* The useable working space depends on the mode of loading and fittings/platens required. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

Don’t see what you are looking for? Our diverse skill set enables us to provide bespoke solutions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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