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Dimensional measurements

Surface texture measurements

Calibration and characterisation

NPL provides a complete solution for all surface texture measurement requirements, including calibration of surface texture artefacts, and surface characterisation using both contact and non-contact measurement techniques. The range of bespoke primary surface texture measuring instruments enable the measurement and understanding of surface texture and provide valuable functional information about a surface.

The continuous research work in this area carried out by NPL together with our involvement in the development and evolution of ISO Standards in the field of surface texture metrology underpins our reputation as an authoritative source of advice and knowledge.

Benefits of surface texture measurements:

  • Surface structures that encourage the binding of biological protein, cell or enzyme molecules can be measured and understood allowing for surface reproduction
  • Improvement of arrays for displays and photovoltaics are obtained by measurement and understanding of the optimum micro-lens surface structures
  • Measurement of nanostructured surfaces allows improvements of the plasmonic interaction in anti-refl ection coatings, colour control and waves guides
  • Flow control can be enhanced in microfluidic channels by understanding the surface characterisation in lab-on-a-chip and biological filtering units
  • The measurement and understanding of deterministic patterning provides information to allow improvements in tribological characteristics such as friction, rheology and wear.

We calibrate and provide surface texture calibration artefacts compliant to:
ISO 5436-1:2000 Geometrical product specifi cation (GPS) – Surface texture: Profile method; Measurement standards – Part 1: Material measures 
ISO 5436-2:2001 Geometrical product specification (GPS) – Surface texture: Profile method; Measurement standards – Part 2: Software measurement standards.

The calibration artefacts and software measuring standards specifi ed in these documents are designed to calibrate and/or check different characteristics of stylus profile measuring instruments such as vertical and lateral scales, tip condition and software validity.

Surface analysis
We also provide three-dimensional or areal surface texture measurements on a variety of industrial components such as optical components (e.g. lenses), machined parts (e.g. cylinders liners), industrial coatings (e.g. machine tools), wafers for microelectronics and MEMS. We have a wide range of instrumentation using both contact and noncontact methods that provide three-dimensional maps of the surface and three-dimensional surface parameters. These in turn are used to analyse the surface qualitatively and quantitatively.

NPL provides consultancy services on all aspects of surface measurement including: calibration, measurement uncertainties, best measurement practice, training and parameter interpretation.

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E-learning course: Introduction to Surface Topography Measurement

This course will introduce learners to the measurement, analysis and characterisation of surface topography, and the role of calibration and standards.

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