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Dimensional measurements

Co-ordinate measuring machines, articulated arms and laser trackers

A suite of specialised measuring equipment

We have several co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) suited for different sizes of components, from sub-millimetre to around one metre, which can be programmed to measure a wide range of features ranging from simple dimensions such as lengths, diameters, radii, through form and geometry parameters including flatness, straightness, parallelism, cylindricity, to complex geometry elements such as angular intersections and plane angles. Measurements of artefacts against CAD models or drawings can be undertaken and article inspection reports produced. One CMM is fitted with a laser scanning head, which can be used to rapidly scan an object.

Large objects can be measured using seven axis articulated arms, fitted with laser scanners and touch probes. These can rapidly measure an object whilst giving the operator great flexibility to access complex shapes.

Extremely small components (size in the order of tens of millimetres) and those that have small features can be measured on a micro-CMM with sub micrometre accuracy or a variety of unique NPL built instruments, including a metrological AFM.

CMMs, articulated arms and laser scanners

  • CMMs
    • Leitz Infinity: Highest accuracy CMM
    • Zeiss UMPC: High accuracy CMM
    • High-accuracy co-ordinate metrology of small components - micro CMM: micro co-ordinate metrology capabilities to satisfy the extreme demands of quality assurance for the measurement of size, form and position of microsystem parts
    • Mitutoyo Crysta CMM (MCOSMOS software)
    • Hexagon DEA Global Silver CMM (PCDMIS software) plus laser scanner
    • Hexagon Optiv Optical CMM (PCDMIS software)
    • Hexagon Romer Articulated Arm CMM (PCDMIS software) plus laser scanner
    • Zeiss Prismo CMM (Calypso software)
    • Nikon LK CMM (Camia software) plus laser scanner
    • Aberlink CMM (Aberlink software) & camera system
  • Laser trackers: systems capable of high accuracy measurements over long distances, for example the system used by NPL can measure 40 m distances to within ± 0.2 mm
  • Non-contact dimensional measurements: NPL provides dimensional measurement facilities and standards for industries requiring accurate measurements using non-contact optical instrumentation.
  • NPL can develop and validate specific CMM programmes for parts with complex features and tight tolerances.

  • Independent CMM programme validation

  • UKAS accredited measurements available

Microstructured surfaces

NPL also provides a one-stop service for the characterisation of the form and texture of surfaces through an extensive range of facilities.

  • 3D scanning optical microscopes
  • White light interferometry
  • Stylus instruments
  • Atomic force microscope (AFM)

Freeform equipment and software at NPL

  • Fringe projection and photogrammetry
  • Articulated arms and laser scanners

Other capabilities

  • Nikon 225 kV XCT (and access to other XCT systems)

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