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DC and LF electrical measurements

Strain gauge bridge indicators

Traceable and accurate measurements

NPL operates a calibration service for strain gauge bridge indicators (SGBIs) which is traceable to the national standards for AC voltage ratio. SGBIs are force measuring instruments and the method of calibration used is where the resistive strain gauge transducer is replaced by two calibrated inductive voltage dividers (IVD).

Two types of measurements are available:

  1. Absolute measurements energise the IVDs directly from the test instrument and maintain traceability to national standards.
  2. Linearity check measurements use a stable centre-tapped 100:1 step-down transformer between the SGBI and the IVDs to providing more resolution, but do not have traceability to national standards.

The techniques above apply to SGBIs that are manufactured by HBM (Hottinger Baldwin Me├čtechnik) of the types DK38, DMP39 and DMP40.

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