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Noise-resilient algorithms and software for quantum computers

Student spotlight: Alessandra Lignarolo - University of Strathclyde

Project outline

Results from Quantum Computers are inherently probabilistic and therefore have associated uncertainty and errors. Since quantum computers enable the simulation of systems not accessible on conventional computers, it is infeasible to verify these errors by simulations on conventional computers, as such, an alternative method for checking uncertainty and errors needs to be created.

This PhD project is a partnership between National Physical Laboratory, Quantinuum and Strathclyde University and focuses on quantum algorithms for quantum chemistry.  Recent advances in the near-term quantum computer have opened a new route for materials and chemistry simulations. In this project we investigate the impact of quantum computing, mainly for quantum chemistry.

Quantum computers are now a reality and have immense potential to solve problems of relevance for a wide range of industrial applications. The development of quantum algorithms and the implementation different methods applied on Hamiltonians allow the derivation of important properties for quantum chemistry.

What our students say

Rachel Clark

These algorithms could help to study relevant aspects, such as ground and excited states, of molecules and have a strong impact in the field of quantum chemistry.

Alessandra Lignarolo - University of Strathclyde

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