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Yameng Cao (He/Him)

Yameng Cao (He/Him)

Higher scientist

Yameng Cao is a Higher Scientist in the Electronic and Magnetic Materials team, delivering ground-breaking research on metrology for emerging optical and electronic materials. Yameng’s main expertise is in the application of optical spectroscopic techniques (e.g. Raman, PL, Imaging) and kinematic modelling of materials. He is also experienced in the performance testing of optoelectronic devices. In addition Yameng is familiar with cleanroom processes for low dimensional quantum and photonic devices. Currently Yameng is developing a patent pending technique for Hyperspectral Imaging, funded by the Explorer’s Award at NPL.

Yameng obtained his PhD in Physics from Imperial College London in 2015 and spent 2 years as a post doc at Lancaster University, UK, before joining NPL in 2017. He has been the recipient of the NPL’s Rayleigh Award in 2020, which recognises the most outstanding publication of the previous year. In 2021 Yameng became a Charted Physicist through the Institute of Physics, where he is serving as a committee member of the nanotechnology and nanoscience special interest group. Yameng has participated in several international collaborative R&D projects including 2 large European projects (EMPIR HyMET and EMPIR PowerElec), leading an international VAMAS project on the spatial homogeneity of 2D materials and had been the technical lead of work packages in several national collaborative R&D projects through the Analysis for Innovators and the Measurement for Recovery programmes. Yameng is currently serving as a committee member in national and international standard committees, including the NTI/1 Nanotechnology committee in BSI and TC229 Committee in the IEC.

Selected Publications:

  1. Enhancing and quantifying spatial homogeneity in monolayer WS2, Scientific Reports, 11, 14831, 2021
  2. In situ contactless thermal characterisation and imaging of encapsulated PVs using phosphor thermometry, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 27, 673-681, 2019
  3. Optical identification using imperfections in 2D materials, 2D Materials, 4, 045201, 2017
  4. Ultra-fast electrical control of a resonantly driven single photon source, Applied Physics Letters, 105, 051112, 2014
  5. Voltage tunability of single-spin states in a quantum dot, Nature Communications, 4, 1522, 2013

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