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Tobias Lindstrom

Tobias Lindstrom

Principal scientist

Tobias received his PhD in Physics from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, in 2005.

After his PhD Tobias worked as a postdoctoral researcher at NPL, University of Birmingham and Royal Holloway, University of London. He joined the Quantum Detection Group at NPL as a Senior Research Scientist in 2012 and was promoted to Principal Research Scientist in 2020.

During his time at NPL, Tobias has primarily worked on superconducting quantum technology.  In addition to conducting research relevant for the emerging superconducting quantum computing sector, he has also pioneered the use of precision frequency metrology methods for the study of noise in superconducting resonators and qubits.

Areas of interest

Tobias research interests include many aspects of solid-state quantum information processing. In particular the study of decoherence mechanisms and other topics related to the materials used to fabricate quantum circuits.  He is also involved in the development of novel methods and instruments for characterising quantum circuits.

Current areas of interest include

  • Decoherence in superconducting qubits due to microscopic TLS
  • Hybrid superconductor-spin systems; such as quantum systems comprising superconducting resonators and rare-earth spins. 
  • The use of novel materials such as topological insulators to create new types of quantum circuits.
  • The use of the so-called Pound locking technique to study 1/f noise in superconducting resonators.
  • Development of CW- and pulsed micro-ESR (electron spin resonance) for identifying and manipulating surface spin populations.
  • Scaling-up of superconducting quantum computers.

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