Stephanie Bell

Stephanie Bell

Principal Research Scientist

Stephanie Bell is NPL’s lead scientist for humidity in gases and moisture in materials.

Stephanie is an internationally recognised authority on humidity measurement and calibration with more than 25 years' experience in the area. She has worked on: humidity measurement techniques; primary humidity standards for various humidity quantities; trace moisture in gases; moisture content of materials; water vapour flux (skin water loss); water vapour pressure data and calculations; climatic chambers; and uncertainty evaluation.

Stephanie chairs national and international committees on humidity, leads NPL's humidity training course and is a frequent presenter at other humidity events and training courses. She has worked on problem-solving consultancies and projects for a number of humidity applications and has published more than 80 papers, reports and guides on humidity and moisture, measurement uncertainty, and related subjects. She is an ISO 17025 (UKAS) assessor and is a Fellow of the Society of Environmental Engineers.

Areas of interest

  • All aspects of humidity measurement, standards and calibration
  • Humidity calibrations for industrial conditions, including for non-air gases and gas mixtures, and above-atmospheric pressures
  • Moisture in materials, including water-specific measurements, and calibration mechanisms
  • Accurate air temperature measurement
  • Measurement uncertainty

Stephanie's current research interests include all aspects of humidity measurement, standards and calibration: in particular for application to industrial conditions and moisture in materials.

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