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Sebastian Wood

Sebastian Wood

Principal scientist

Sebastian develops and applies new nanoscale measurement techniques for quantitative metrology of emerging electronic materials. His research focuses primarily on advanced modes of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and optical spectroscopy. He collaborates widely with industrial and academic partners to address specific measurement challenges in the development of new semiconductor technologies and products.


Sebastian Wood joined NPL in 2015 following undergraduate and doctoral studies in the Physics Department at Imperial College London. His initial research was in the field of nanoscale structure-function characterisation of organic semiconductors for photovoltaic applications. In his role at NPL, Sebastian has developed a unique facility for nanometrology of emerging electronics including structural, functional, chemical, and optical measurement modes. He has applied these techniques to hybrid perovskites, nanostructured semiconductors, 2D materials, and compound semiconductors for a variety of device applications.

Sebastian is a member of the Institute of Physics, a Chartered Physicist, and contributes to British and International Standardisation committees on Surface Chemical Analysis and Semiconductors. He is an enthusiastic communicator of physics, with experience presenting his work to a wide range of audiences from primary school children to Members of Parliament.

Current interests:

  • Nanoscale characterisation of semiconductors using advanced modes of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and optical spectroscopy.
  • Reliability and life-time testing of emerging electronic materials such as molecular sensors, printed photovoltaics, and optoelectronic devices.
  • Wafer-scale metrology for quality assurance, and process control in manufacture of semiconductors, with a current focus on high-throughput methods for defect inspection in wide bandgap compound semiconductors for power electronics.

Selected Publications:

1.    Ion-driven nanograin formation in early-stage degradation of tri-cation perovskite films, F Richheimer et al., Nanoscale (2022) 14, 2605.

2.    Enhancing and quantifying spatial homogeneity in monolayer WS2, Y Cao et al., Sci. Rep. (2021), 11, 1.

3.    Nanoscale charge accumulation and its effect on carrier dynamics in tri-cation perovskite structures, D Toth et al., ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2020) 12, 48057.

4.    Raman spectroscopy as an advanced structural nanoprobe for conjugated molecular semiconductors, S Wood, J R Hollis, J-S Kim, J. Appl. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. (2017) 50, 073001.


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