Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

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Richard Dudley

Richard Dudley

Principal Research Scientist

Richard Dudley studied Applied Physics at the University of Essex, completing a PhD in High-speed Photodiode Fabrication and Measurement, before moving to NPL in 1996.

Establishing one of the first commercial 110 GHz on-wafer electro-optic sampling measurements systems, Richard identified new opportunities at NPL, including the co-development of the world first ‘internet calibration service for microwave instrumentation’, on-wafer calibration standards, and the establishment of a new NPL group in the area of terahertz science.

More recently, Richard has moved into agri-tech, developing microwave and terahertz solutions for automated harvesting, sorting, ripeness clarification and disease detection.

Richard’s core expertise is in generating practical measurement solutions for challenging environments, using any part of the electromagnetic spectrum, from ultrasound to optical frequencies, with a particular emphasis on measurement quality and accuracy.

Richard holds grants in areas as diverse as oil/gas monitoring, food processing, robotic harvesting and composites measurement, with over 40 peer-reviewed papers, and holds industrial advisory positions at several UK universities and scientific bodies.

Current interests

  • Application of microwaves, terahertz and optical technologies to challenging measurement problems
  • 3D imaging and computer AI for agriculture and autonomous vehicles
  • Microwave imaging and radar
  • Human hydration monitoring 

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