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Olga Kazakova

Olga Kazakova

NPL Fellow

Olga Kazakova is an NPL Fellow in Quantum Materials and Sensors. Olga Kazakova received her PhD degree in Solid State Physics from Institute of Crystallography, Russian Academy of Science in 1996.

She joined NPL in 2002 after working as an Assistant Professor at the Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden). Olga is an NPL Fellow and a Fellow of Institute of Physics. She is an author of above 140 peer-refereed publications and had above 130 presentations at scientific conferences, e.g. above 50 invited talks and seminars.

She was a recipient of the numerous national and international awards, including Intel European Research and Innovation Award (2008), NPL Rayleigh Award and Serco Global Pulse Award (2011).

Olga is an active member of the IEEE Magnetic Society, currently serving as an Associate Chair of the Conference Executive Committee and a member of AdComm. She has a vast editorial and conference organisation experience and has a broad collaborative network, including organizations in the UK, Europe, United States, China and Japan.

Olga has profound research experience in nanotechnology, materials science, graphene & 2D materials, spintronics, development of novel sensors. She also has a strong experience in project and team management. She has a very strong record in supervision and coaching.

Areas of interest

  • Functional (electronic, optical, structural) nanoscale studies of 2D materials
  • Novel environmental sensors based on 2D materials
  • Novel sensors for Life Science applications
  • Development of magnetic nanosensors for biological and metrological applications
  • Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy techniques
  • Standardization methods and protocols for magnetic nanoparticles and their biomedical applications
  • Standardization methods for electrical characterization of graphene and 2D materials

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Selected recent publications:

  1. O. Kazakova, R. Puttock, C. Barton, H. Corte-León, M. Jaafar, V. Neu, and A. Asenjo, ‘Frontiers of Magnetic Force Microscopy’ J Appl. Phys. 125, 060901 (2019)
  2. T. Vincent, V. Panchal, T. Booth, S. R Power, A.-P. Jauho, V. Antonov, and O. Kazakova, ‘Probing the nanoscale origin of strain and doping in graphene-hBN heterostructures’ 2D Materials. 2D Mater. 6, 015022 (2019)
  3.   W. S. Hart, V. Panchal, Ch. Melios, W. Strupiński, O. Kazakova, and Ch. C. Phillips, ‘Highly Resonant Graphene Plasmon Hotspots in Complex Nanoresonator Geometries’ 2D Mater. 6, 021003 (2019)
  4.  D. M. A. Mackenzie, V. Panchal, H. Corte-León, D. H. Petersen, and O. Kazakova, ‘Qualitative analysis of scanning gate microscopy on epitaxial graphene’ 2D Materials 6, 025023 (2019)
  5.  H. Corte-León, L. Alfredo Rodríguez, M. Pancaldi, Ch. Gatel, D. Cox, E. Snoeck, V. Antonov, P. Vavassori, and O. Kazakova, ‘Magnetic imaging using geometrically constrained nano-domain walls’ Nanoscale 11, 4478 (2019)
  6.  C. Zheng, …, O. Kazakova et al. ‘Magnetoresistive Sensor Development Roadmap (non-recording applications)’ IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 55, 1-30 (2019)
  7. Ch. Melios, C. E. Giusca, V. Panchal and O. Kazakova, ‘Water on graphene: Review of recent progress’ 2D Materials, Topical Review, 5, 022001 (2018)
  8. Ch. Melios, V. Panchal, K. Edmonds, A. Lartsev, R. Yakimova, and O. Kazakova, ‘Detection of Ultralow Concentration NO2 in Complex Environment Using Epitaxial Graphene Sensors’ ACS Sensors. 3, 1666 (2018)
  9. P. R. Whelan, V. Panchal, D. H. Petersen, D. M. A. Mackenzie, Ch. Melios, I. Pasternak, J. Gallop, F. W. Østerberg, P. U. Jepsen, W. Strupinski, O. Kazakova, and P. Bøggild, ‘Electrical Homogeneity Mapping of Epitaxial Graphene on Silicon Carbide’ ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 10, 31641 (2018)
  10.  Z. Dou, S. Morikawa, A. Cresti, S-W. Wang,  Ch. Smith, Ch. Melios, O. Kazakova, K. Watanabe,  T. Taniguchi, S. Masubuchi, T. Machida, and M. Connolly, ‘Imaging bulk and edge transport near the Dirac point in  graphene moiré superlattices’ NanoLett, 18 (4), 2530 (2018)
  11.  P. Krzysteczko, J. Wells, A. Fernandez Scarioni, Z. Soban, T. Janda, X. Hu, V. Saidl, R. P. Campion, R. Mansel, J.-H. Lee, R. P. Cowburn, P. Nemec, O. Kazakova, J. Wunderlich, and H. W. Schumacher, ‘Nanoscale thermoelectrical detection of magnetic domain wall propagation’ Phys. Rev. B Rapids. 95, 220410(R) (2017)

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