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Natalie McClelland

Natalie McClelland

Higher Research Scientist

Natalie’s research focuses on pitting and cracking of corrosion-resistant alloys and the use of electrochemical techniques to study the corrosion of steels and coatings, mainly with application to the oil and gas industry.


Natalie obtained an MChem from Manchester University in 2006, and then worked as a research scientist for Serco, studying corrosion fatigue and stress corrosion cracking of stainless steels for the nuclear industry. Following this, she joined NPL in April 2009.

Areas of interest

Natalie’s current projects include:

  • evaluation of the susceptibility of stainless steel materials to cavitation erosion
  • evaluation of the susceptibility of additively-manufactured nickel alloys to stress corrosion cracking

Natalie is a regular author of reports issued to customers of NPL corrosion testing services. She also takes responsibility for ensuring traceable calibration of all equipment in the Electrochemistry Group to recognised standards.

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