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Mike Shaw

Mike Shaw

Senior Research Scientist

Mike Shaw is a Senior Research Scientist in the Biometrology group at NPL where he leads the development of high-resolution optical microscopy techniques for bioimaging. Mike is a Chartered Physicist and also holds a part-time research position in the Department of Computer Science at the University College London.

Mike joined NPL in 2001 after completing an MSci in Physics at Imperial College London. His early work concerned the development of methods and instrumentation for measuring the optical properties of materials (scattering and fluorescence) and light sources (spectroradiometry). Mike continued his research in applied optics by working on metrology for adaptive optics and high-resolution imaging, during which time he completed his PhD, titled 'Overcoming resolution limits in fluorescence microscopy with adaptive optics and structured illumination'.

Since joining NPL's Biometrology group in 2010 his primary research focus has been the development of optical microscopy systems and related techniques for quantitative imaging of biological systems from peptides and proteins to cells and tissues. He works with a multidisciplinary team of scientists to apply these techniques to a range of measurement challenges in the life sciences and beyond.

Areas of interest

  • Visualisation and quantitative imaging of biological systems
  • Super-resolution structured illumination microscopy (SIM), light sheet microscopy, light field / plenoptic imaging, automated microscopy
  • Imaging of live cells and dynamic systems
  • Intracellular delivery, cell behaviour, self-assembling peptides
  • Image processing, analysis, quantification and standardisation

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