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Jane Ireland

Jane Ireland

Senior Research Scientist

Jane Ireland received an MPhys in 1999, followed by a PhD in 2002, both from the University of Birmingham. The PhD, undertaken in the Condensed Matter Group, examined spin-polarised injection into high temperature superconductors. This work also included thin film device design and fabrication.

Jane has been at NPL for more than 15 years, initially working in the Optical Radiation Group, specialising in the field of cryogenic radiometry. This included leading commercial contracts providing state-of-the-art instrumentation to other National Metrology Institutes. She joined the Quantum Detection Group in 2011 to work in the area of quantum electrical metrology with a focus on superconducting devices.

Areas of interest

During her time at NPL, Jane has worked on a wide variety of projects. This has included optical and earth observation instrumentation and development of new primary scale instruments. In the Quantum Detection group she initially worked on high turn cryogenic current comparators as well as the development of superconducting read-out electronics for single photon detector arrays.

Jane is now working in the area of quantum voltage waveform metrology. In particular, the use of superconducting Josephson junction arrays to synthesise quantum-accurate arbitrary voltage waveforms for application in the characterisation of devices and instrumentation. This work forms part of a European collaboration to provide traceable spectral characterisation of voltage waveforms.

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