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Jacob Tunesi

Jacob Tunesi

Senior scientist

Jacob Tunesi is a Senior Scientist in the Optical Frequency Metrology group. He joined the department in October 2020 following the completion of his PhD on Ultrafast Optics and Terahertz Photonics at the University of Sussex, where he also completed his undergraduate studies. During the PhD, Jacob investigated novel forms of light-matter interactions in nonlinear and complex surfaces for applications in computational imaging and THz Spectroscopy.

He is now in NPL’s femtosecond frequency comb team enabling the dissemination of stable frequency references and high-precision optical frequency measurements, critical for the development of optical atomic clocks and aiding the UK timescale. He is working across several highly collaborative projects including the National Measurement System (NMS) and Quantum Test & Evaluation (QT&E), funded through the UK’s National Quantum Technology Programme. In the NMS he is integrating optical frequency measurements into local and international timescales as required for the future redefinition of the SI second, while for QT&E he is developing new capability in optical, radio and microwave frequency characterisations both in Teddington and Glasgow to support UK quantum technologies.

Areas of interest

  • Optical frequency comb systems for high-fidelity stability transfer between state-of-the-art ultrastable laser sources and optical clock lasers.
  • Ultrafast frequency metrology exploiting femtosecond combs for the high-resolution measurement of absolute frequencies and optical frequency ratios.
  • The development of optically derived timescales exploiting robust and reliable frequency comb systems as required for a future redefinition of the second.
  • Novel fibre laser systems with integrated microcavity resonators for turn-key and efficient cavity-soliton-based microcombs.
  • Nonlinear generation of terahertz radiation at surfaces for applications in the direct observation of free-carrier dynamics and in new forms of computational ghost imaging technologies.

Key publications

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