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Ian Hill

Ian Hill

Principal Scientist

Ian Hill is the lead scientist for the optical lattice clock project in the Optical Frequency Metrology group at NPL. Following his undergraduate study in Physics at Imperial College London, Ian joined NPL as a PhD student working on the development of stabilised lasers and cold atom sources for a Sr optical lattice clock. After graduating with a PhD from Imperial College in 2012, he continued his work at NPL to establish the first operational optical lattice clock in the UK.

Ian’s specialist area of expertise is in optical frequency metrology with optical lattice clocks and related technologies. Ian takes a keen interest in the elegant engineering of complex atomic clock systems with an emphasis on high-performance and low-maintenance operation. Ian has participated in a number of international optical clock comparison campaigns and as such has formed a great affinity for software automation. Ian is also involved in the development of field-deployable ultrastable laser systems based on the NPL cubic cavity.

Areas of interest

  • Pushing measurement frontiers with cold atom optical clocks
  • Developing optical clocks and optical frequency comparison technology for use in future space-time measurement networks
  • Preparation and manipulation of ultracold atoms
  • Robust optical clocks for international time scales

Key publications

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