Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

Measurement for our planet shines a light on how we’re delivering solutions for climate science, emissions measurement and supporting innovation.

Ian Hill

Ian Hill

Senior Research Scientist

Professional Experience: Design and operation of state-of-the-art strontium optical lattice clocks.

Comparing optical clocks at NPL to their counterparts in European NMIs via satellite or optical fibre links.

Collaboration with the University of Durham to exploit Rydberg atoms in frequency metrology.

Making clock subcomponents for space and defence industries.

Education: PhD awarded by Imperial College London for contribution to the development of strontium optical lattice clocks at NPL.

MSci degree in Physics from Imperial College London.

Areas of interest

Exploration enabled by harnessing scientific innovation in robust measurement tools.

Optical lattice clocks as an enabling technology for a better synchronised, better navigated, better measured world.

Key topics:

Optical frequency standards with the potential for a redefinition of the SI second, systems architecture, elegant design, optical clock technology and innovation, laser frequency stabilisation, optical frequency combs, atom-light interactions, laser cooling, instrumentation, low-noise analogue electronics, python, real-time data visualisation, cycling, maxilla, cryptocurrency.

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