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Helen McEvoy

Helen McEvoy

Senior Research Scientist

Helen joined NPL in 1988 after completing a degree in Physics with Astrophysics and has worked in the field of radiation thermometry since that time. Her work has included maintaining and disseminating the temperature scale using radiation thermometry and undertaking research into improving methods, understanding and techniques. 

Helen has both coordinated and taken part in a number of International Comparison projects, has been co-author of numerous published papers and NPL reports, and has delivered many training courses in radiation thermometry.

Helen sits on various committees responsible for radiation thermometer, thermal imaging and clinical thermometer standards (such as BSI and IEC) and is a UK reviewer for OIML standards related to radiation thermometry. She has also contributed to work carried out by the CCT (Consultative Committee for Thermometry) radiation thermometry Working Group and the EURAMET Technical Committee for temperature, including coordinating the review of thermometer and humidity CMCs within EURAMET.

Helen’s research interests include investigation into the difference between thermodynamic temperature and the ITS-90 using absolute radiation thermometry techniques.

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