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Graeme Taylor

Graeme Taylor

Principal scientist

Graeme graduated from Exeter University with a degree in Physics with Medical Physics and was awarded a Ph.D. from Birmingham University for research characterising the microdosimetric properties of the Clatterbridge neutron cancer therapy facility on The Wirral.  

After joining NPL he worked on neutron spectrometry and neutron dosimetry, including microdosimetric methods, which underpinned a long-term measurement programme monitoring cosmic radiation doses in aircraft.

Graeme has expertise in Monte Carlo modelling, having developed bespoke models as well as using commercial codes such as MCNP. He also has experience of artificial neural networks, having utilised them in both neutron spectrometry and neutron dosimetry.

Graeme is a member of the UK Cosmic Radiation Advisory Group, the UK Criticality Accident Dosimetry User Group and a corresponding member of EURADOS Working Group 11 (High Energy Fields). He is manager and main service provider for the UKAS-accredited measurement service RN04 (calibrations using radionuclide-based neutron sources).

Areas of interest

  • Artificial neural networks for data analysis
  • Cosmic radiation dosimetry, including solar particle event dosimetry
  • Microdosimetry
  • Monte Carlo modelling
  • Neutron dosimetry
  • Novel methods for radiation protection dosimetry
  • Radionuclide neutron source-based detector calibrations

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