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Gareth Hinds

Gareth Hinds

Senior NPL Fellow

Gareth Hinds is Senior NPL Fellow and Science Area Leader in the Electrochemistry Group, leading a team of scientists undertaking ground-breaking research in corrosion, electrochemical energy conversion and storage, and analytical electrochemistry. 


Gareth’s primary expertise is in the development of novel in situ diagnostic techniques and standard test methods for assessment of corrosion and material degradation in energy applications. He has a strong track record of delivering innovative solutions to engineering problems with demonstrable impact on industry in a range of sectors, including oil and gas, power generation and electrochemical energy conversion and storage. Gareth is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and holds visiting professorships at UCL, the University of Strathclyde, and Harbin Institute of Technology. He is the author of over 200 publications and is currently President of the World Corrosion Organization and Vice President of the European Federation of Corrosion.

Areas of interest

  • Corrosion and environment induced cracking in the CCUS, hydrogen and conventional oil & gas sectors
  • Electrochemical hydrogen technologies (fuel cells, electrolysers)
  • High energy density batteries
  • Electrochemistry

Gareth's team carries out research, testing and failure analysis and provides expert advice in these areas for a wide range of clinents, primarily in the energy sector. 

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Selected Publications

1. Impact of impurities on water electrolysis: a review, H. Becker, J. Murawski, D.V. Shinde, I.E.L. Stephens, G. Hinds, G. Smith, Sustainable Energy Fuels 7, 1565 (2023)

2. Rectifying interphases for preventing Li dendrite propagation in solid-state electrolytes, X. Yao, X. Lu, Y. Zhou, T. Šamořil, J. Bi, M.G. Masteghin, H. Zhang, L. Askew, J.W. Kim, F. Xiong, J. Wang, D.C. Cox, T. Sui, I. Gilmore, S.R.P. Silva, L. Mai, G. Hinds, P.R. Shearing, J. Park, Y. Zhao, Energy & Environmental Science 16, 2167 (2023)

3. Corrosion of pipeline steel in dense phase CO2 containing impurities: A critical review of test methodologies, S.K. Kairy, S. Zhou, A. Turnbull, G. Hinds, Corros. Sci. 214, 110986 (2023)

4. Comparison of methodologies to estimate state-of-health of commercial Li-ion cells from electrochemical frequency response data, H.S. Chan, E.J.F. Dickinson, T.P. Heins, J. Park, M. Gaberšček, Y.Y. Lee, M. Heinrich, V. Ruiz, E. Napolitano, P. Kauranen, E. Fedorovskaya, J. Moškon, T. Kallio, S. Mousavihashemi, U. Krewer, G. Hinds, S. Seitz, J. Power Sources 542, 231814 (2022)

5. Assessing potential profiles in water electrolysers to minimise titanium use, H. Becker, E.J.F. Dickinson, X. Lu, U. Bexell, S. Proch, C. Moffatt, M. Stenström, G. Smith, G. Hinds, Energy & Environmental Science 15, 2508 (2022)

6. Open-circuit dissolution of platinum from the cathode in polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolysers, J. Dodwell, M. Maier, J. Majasan, R. Jervis, L. Castanheira, P. Shearing, G. Hinds, D.J.L. Brett, J. Power Sources 498, 229937 (2021)

7. Improved operando Raman cell configuration for commercially-sourced electrodes in alkali-ion batteries, T.E. Rosser, E.J.F. Dickinson, R. Raccichini, K. Hunter, A.D. Searle, C.M. Kavanagh, P.J. Curran, G. Hinds, J. Park, A.J. Wain, J. Electrochem. Soc. 168, 070541 (2021)

8. Influence of H2S on the pitting corrosion of 316L stainless steel in oilfield brine, J. Hesketh, E.J.F. Dickinson, M.L. Martin, G. Hinds, A. Turnbull, Corros. Sci. 182, 109265 (2021)

9. 3D microstructure design of lithium-ion battery electrodes assisted by X-ray nano-computed tomography and modelling, X. Lu, A. Bertei, D.P. Finegan, C. Tan, S.R. Daemi, J.S. Weaving, K.B. O’Regan, T.M.M. Heenan, G. Hinds, E. Kendrick, D.J.L. Brett, P.R. Shearing, Nat. Commun. 11, 2079 (2020)   

10. Local measurement of current collector potential in a polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolyser, H. Becker, L. Castanheira, G. HindsJ. Power Sources 448, 227563 (2020) 

11. Mass transport in polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolyser liquid-gas diffusion layers: A combined neutron imaging and X-ray computed tomography study, M. Maier, J. Dodwell, R. Ziesche, C. Tan, T. Heenan, J. Majasan, N. Kardjilov, H. Markotter, I. Manke, L. Castanheira, G. Hinds, P.R. Shearing, D.J.L. Brett, J. Power Sources 455, 227968 (2020)

12. The Butler-Volmer Equation for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) electrode kinetics: a critical discussion, E.J.F Dickinson, G. HindsJ. Electrochem. Soc. 166, F221-F231 (2019)

13. In situ monitoring of lithium-ion battery degradation using an electrochemical model, C. Lyu, Y. Song, J. Zheng, W. Luo, G. Hinds, J. Li, L. Wang, Appl. Energy 250, 685-696 (2019)

14. Influence of microporous layer on corrosion of metallic bipolar plates in fuel cells, L. Castanheira, M. Bedouet, A. Kucernak, G. HindsJ. Power Sources 418, 147-151 (2019)

15. Critical review of the use of reference electrodes in Li-ion batteries: a diagnostic perspective, R. Raccichini, M. Amores, G. HindsBatteries 5, 12 (2019)

16. In situ diagnostics for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, G. HindsCurrent Opinion in Electrochemistry 5, 11-19 (2018)

17. Identifying the cause of rupture of lithium-ion batteries via ultra-high-speed X-ray imaging, D.P. Finegan, E. Darcy, M. Keyser, B. Tjaden, T. Heenan, R. Jervis, J. Bailey, R. Malik, N. Vo, O. Magdysyuk, M. Drakopoulos, M. DiMichiel, A. Rack, G. Hinds, D.J.L. Brett, P.R. Shearing, Adv. Sci. 5, 1700369 (2018)

18. Effect of pigging damage on sulphide stress corrosion cracking of 316L stainless steel cladding, J. Hesketh, G. Hinds, R. Morana, Corrosion 74, 487-495 (2018)

19. In operando measurement of localised cathode potential to mitigate DMFC temporary degradation, C. Rabissi, E. Brightman, G. Hinds, A. Casalegno, Int. J. Hydrogen Energy 43, 9797-9802 (2018)

20. Characterising thermal runaway by inducing and monitoring internal short circuits within lithium-ion cells, D.P. Finegan, E. Darcy, M. Keyser, B. Tjaden, T. Heenan, R. Jervis, J. Bailey, R. Malik, N. Vo, O. Magdysyuk, R. Atwood, M. Drakopoulos, M. DiMichiel, A. Rack, G. Hinds, D.J.L. Brett, P.R. Shearing, Energy  Environ. Sci. 10, 1287–1542 (2017)