Fernando Castro

Fernando Castro

Principal Research Scientist

Fernando received his BSc and MSc in Applied Physics from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, working on spin-dependent transport in organic light emitting diodes and processing and characterization of ultrathin luminescent polymer films. He obtained a PhD degree in 2007 from the same university, having spent half of the research time at the Swiss Federal Institute for Materials Testing and Research (EMPA), Switzerland. His PhD focused on nanostructured organic solar cells and gamma ray dosimeters based on organic semiconductors.

Fernando then moved to EMPA, Switzerland, to work on organic-metal interfaces, development of flexible transparent electrodes, organic photovoltaics and electronic memories. He joined NPL in January 2010 as a Senior Scientist and became Principal Research Scientist in 2012. Since 2016 he is the Science Leader for the Electronic and Magnetic Materials Group and in 2017 he also became the Department Knowledge Leader for Materials Metrology.

Fernando also holds several external and international roles as chair of TWA 36 Organic Electronics of VAMAS, UK expert within international standards committees (IEC TC119 Printed Electronics and IEC TC 147 Stretchable Electronics), associate editor of the peer-review journal Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, member of the EU COST Action MP1307 StableNextSolar and member of the European Energy Research Alliance.

Fernando has been chair or co-chair of international conferences on nanotechnology, plastic electronics and photovoltaics, including ALTECH 2017, ISOS-8, ALTECH 2014, 5th UK-Korea Workshop on Plastic Electronics, and symposium A of B-MRS 2015, as well as having supported organisation of many other events (e.g. scientific/program committee, session chair). He has provided invited expert advice to over 25 different peer-review scientific journals as well as to research funding agencies in 4 countries.

Fernando has significant experience in bidding, leading and delivering R&D projects, from small consultancy work to multimillion collaborative projects (including the coordination of EU HyMET (€3.2M), EU ThinErgy (€3.7M), EU ThinFilms (€3M) and UK TSB SCALLOPS (£2.4M)).

Fernando is the author of over 120 publications, including over 50 peer-review papers, related to thin film electronics, nanotechnology and metrology, and he has delivered > 30 keynote/invited presentations in 11 countries. His work has been recognized by receiving the Rayleigh Award in 2012, being elected Fellow of the Institute of Physics (FInstP) and Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (FIMMM).

Current interests

Dr Fernando A Castro is a Principal Research Scientist at NPL, where he is the Science Leader for the Electronic and Magnetic Materials Group and the Department Technical Leader for Materials Metrology. His current interests are broad and range from enabling new technologies, to understanding reliability, supporting high-quality advanced manufacturing and supporting standardisation. He has expertise on advanced nanoscale measurements, durability and in-situ characterization methods, mapping/imaging of materials and thin film device properties. He is also experienced in solution based thin film and device manufacturing and is the inventor of a transparent, flexible fabric based electrode and a portable environmental chamber, both transferred to industry.

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