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Ali Ashkhasi

Ali Ashkhasi

Senior scientist

Ali Ashkhasi is a Senior Scientist in the Time and Frequency department at NPL, working in the NPLTime® team. He joined NPL in 2018 following the design and development of electronic hardware for the time and frequency sectors. He studied Electronic Engineering with Nanotechnology (BEng) at the University of York. He also achieved his MSc in Electronic Engineering in 2014.

Ali’s specialist area of interest and expertise is within time transfer by optical fibre using different timing synchronisation protocols. Within the National Timing Centre programme, Ali is the technical lead on designing and developing innovation nodes to provide time and frequency capabilities for different applications. He also works with the NPL fountain clock team on designing and developing electronic hardware for atomic fountain clocks.

Ali is a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. He is also the UK Research and Innovation assessor on Time and Frequency projects.

Areas of Interest

  • Designing and developing timing nodes for different applications
  • Time transfer by optical fibre for the financial sector
  • Developing reliable time and frequency signal traceable to UTC to users
  • Building electronic hardware for Caesium fountain clock
  • Designing frequency reference hardware

Key Publication

  • Distributing time by fibre
    Elizabeth Lair English, Ali Ashkhasi and Peter Whibberley
    Contemporary Physics, Volume 62, Issue 1, p.24-38

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