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Building trust for secure deployment of Quantum Key Distribution hardware

Independent security evaluation of Toshiba Quantum Key Distribution technology

2 minute read

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) has emerged as a powerful solution for securing digital communications in the era of quantum computing. QKD takes advantage of the laws of quantum mechanics to ensure that an eavesdropper cannot infer any bits of information during the generation of encryption keys that are used to secure private communications.

While the theoretical QKD protocol is provably secure, the overall security of a QKD system relies on the hardware correctly implementing the protocol. Any deviations from this, such as due to manufacturer error or low-performance components, could compromise security.  

Scientists within NPL’s quantum photonics team performed independent assessment of various critical parameters of Toshiba’s Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology. These measured quantities are integral to the product’s security and have been validated to match expected values.

The assessment was performed within the H2020 OpenQKD project and was supported by research funded by EMPIR project MeTISQ.

The work is an important step towards complete QKD product security assurance through independent verification to bolster trust in this emerging critical technology.

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24 Jan 2024