Measurement for Recovery
Measurement for Recovery
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Determination of residual stresses by X-ray diffraction – issue 2 GPG52

This Guide is applicable to X-ray stress measurements on crystalline materials. There is
currently no published standard for the measurement of residual stress by XRD. This Guide
has been developed therefore as a source of information and advice on the technique. It is
based on results from three UK inter-comparison exercises, detailed parameter investigations
and discussions and input from XRD experts. The information is presented in separate
sections which discuss the fundamental background of X-ray diffraction techniques, the
different types of equipment that can be used, practical issues relating to the specimen, the
measurement procedure itself and recommendations on how and what to record and report.
The appendices provide further information on uncertainty evaluation and some
recommendations regarding the data analysis techniques that are available. Where appropriate
key points are highlighted in the text and summarised at the end of the document.

12 Feb 2020


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