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Future communications technologies

Supporting the roll out and practical use of new communication technologies

Rapid advances in technology are driving demand for high-bandwidth instrumentation, systems, sources and circuits, leading to an increase in calibration and traceability requirements. With over 20 years experience, we provide measurement solutions in communications, broadcasting and many areas of electronics, optics and computing where there are demanding requirements.

Whether it is wearable devices, Internet of Things, Internet of Space, biometrics or connected autonomous vehicles, we are developing new metrology for these emerging applications. We cover both measurements relating to individual components or subsystems and whole system performance and our main research areas are:

  • Accurate measurement and characterisation of communications waveforms
  • Theoretical and experimental aspects of wireless, optical and antenna systems.
  • Signal propagation and interference
  • Measurements of digital waveform parameters such as jitter and EVM, Bit-Error-Rate (BER)

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