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Active device characterisation

Measurements for design, test and model validation of active devices

We conduct active device characterisation in our world class laboratories, which are equipped with state-of-the-art test instruments capable of performing an extensive range of measurements to meet the needs of the industry.  Linear and non-linear device models created from these measurements are used in design tools for a range of application such as telecommunications, defence, space, automotive, etc.

We also collaborate with other national metrology institutes as well as academic and industrial partners to find measurement solutions for current and future applications. We work at the component level e.g. with field-effect transistors (FETs), with packaged parts, and with connectorised assemblies. This work has an impact on semiconductor industries, RF manufactures and suppliers.


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Power Dependent S-parameter Measurements
Load-pull Measurements
X-Parameter Measurements
Uncertainties in Active Device Measurements
Nonlinear microwave measurement and modelling labs (n3m-labs)


  • FutureCom – aims to concentrate on active devices and circuits characterisation, signal and power integrity, performance in real-world and harsh environments, and passive intermodulation issues  faced by the industry for future communications applications
  • TEMMT aims to establish traceability to the SI for three electrical measurement quantities: S-parameters, power and complex permittivity of dielectric materials, at millimetre-wave and terahertz (THz) frequencies.
  • ADVENT enables European industries to optimise device and systems design for 5G and IoT applications requiring ultra-low power and more energy efficient operation.

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Our research and measurement solutions support innovation and product development. We work with companies to deliver business advantage and commercial success.
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