Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

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National challenges


Helping the UK to embrace new technologies with confidence - 5G, quantum, simulation testing, synthetic biology, IoT and AI.

Confidence in the intelligent and effective use of data

We are entering a period of historic universal change. The catalyst will be advances in areas such as artificial intelligence, digital pathology, super-fast intelligent communication networks, synthetic biology, distributed ledger technology, robotics, Internet of Things, additive manufacturing and autonomous systems. 

These technological breakthroughs are heralding a Fourth Industrial Revolution, with the power to reshape almost every sector in every country. This Fourth Industrial Revolution will be driven by digital technology and data. The UK’s challenge is to ensure that people have confidence in these digital technologies, and that they help to increase prosperity,safety and competitive advantage globally.

NPL’s mission is to ensure the UK can harness and exploit digital and data infrastructure and technologies – operating across different platforms – to allow successful digital transformation for the UK. We are perfectly placed to support this challenge, by working across industry, government and academia to provide a measurement framework fit for a digitally transformed world.

We are involved in the establishment of secure, traceable and authenticated digital approaches and embedding measurement into our digital infrastructure.

Prof Neil Stansfield - Head of Digital Strategy, NPL


Our metrology is making a difference

Digital technologies are vital to enable industry and society to function. The all-pervasive digital infrastructure, and the ‘digitisation’ of economic and societal activities, requires measurement to support it and build trust. NPL is uniquely placed to deliver the measurement infrastructure underpinning all the UK’s research and innovation programmes that impact and support digital transformation. 

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NPL is supporting key areas of Digital to:

  • encourage the development and exploitation of critical new digital technologies, such as timing and quantum
  • provide the measurement infrastructure to build resilient communications networks
  • build confidence in decisions based on understanding of complex data systems
  • provide assurance for autonomous systems
  • exploit precision farming based on digital techniques


Taking a holistic approach

NPL covers the collection of data, the connections between devices and infrastructure and the understanding and use of the data. Our expertise includes sensor systems, data capture, data transmission, data storage, data fusion and processing, as well as analysis and decision making.

We develop and validate measurement procedures to ensure the highest precision, integrity and confidence across all digital technologies, from components and devices through to the use and performance of networks.

Our broad expertise means we can understand the Digital environment and make sure that the data, software and hardware are working together.


Case study

Improving reproducibility in science data


Case study

Validating virtual measurements of 3D models


Case study

Improving confidence in data models for real applications


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