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NPL’s COVID-19 response

Supporting the national effort

NPL is the UK's national laboratory for measurement science and metrology. We provide the measurement standards for science, technology and manufacturing and throughout the pandemic have applied our expertise to meet the unprecedented challenge COVID-19.

As a national laboratory with thousands of customers in the UK and beyond, it was a natural progression to offer our experience of standards, testing and product requirements. We made our facilities available to support UK industry and society, including working with NHS trusts on ventilator provision, oxygen supply and data processing. The current global pandemic has highlighted the vital role that metrology plays in supporting global measurement systems and helping society function.

Agile and innovative

NPL’s depth and breadth of experience helped verify and validate performance of materials, instruments and sensors, and our state-of-the-art equipment was used to make prototypes and new products. As UK industry now turns its attention to recovery, we can provide confidence to companies tackling the problems created by new working practices, supply chain changes and product modifications which can impact compliance.   

Our expertise allows us to advise and inform government, companies and research organisations on a wide range of topics, and our extensive professional networks can link organisations with specialist suppliers to overcome manufacturing challenges.

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Impact during COVID-19

  • Delivering an agile and prompt response

  • Giving independent advice to UK industry on standards, testing and meeting product specifications
  • Maintaining critical services
  • Providing an Innovative approach to technical challenges

With over 1000 great minds and a wealth of expert skills and knowledge we, at NPL, were ready to fight this pandemic and support not only industry but the government and public too. We are a national laboratory and our mission, since 1900 has been to use our expertise to improve the UK's prosperity and quality of life. Now, more than ever, we must deliver on this and I welcome anyone, who thinks we might be able to help to get in touch.

Dr JT Janssen - Chief Scientist at NPL

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