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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Supporting the fight against the coronavirus pandemic

NPL is the national laboratory for measurement science and metrology. We provide the measurement standards for all science, technology and manufacturing and are uniquely placed to support UK industry to meet the unprecedented challenges presented by the coronavirus.  

We supported the UK Government’s Ventilator Challenge, helped companies produce high quality PPE and much more. We are now providing support and assistance to organisations as they restart their activities in the new business environment.

 Metrology and measurement science will help economic recovery by:

  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of science  
  • Reducing waste and increasing productivity
  • Unlocking the potential of innovation faster and allowing earlier market entry
  • Accelerating progress in science and in society

Measurement science is essential for the development and assessment of evidence-based policy, which is vital in these uncertain times.

Measurement for Recovery

NPL and its partner laboratories are committed to supporting the UK Government’s plans for economic recovery by providing specialist measurement advice and short-term projects to companies at no charge.

Learn more about Measurement for Recovery

NPL’s COVID-19 response

NPL has proved itself agile and responsive offering advice on standards, testing and product requirements, through to training and NPL staff deployment.

Find out about NPL’s COVID-19 response

World-class expertise to support UK industry


  • Innovative ventilator design and manufacture
  • Test and validation services of materials, components and sensors
  • First line performance evaluation of new concept ventilators
  • Guidance on compliance to quality standards

Further details on the production and supply of ventilators


  • Support for the creation and implementation of interim standards  
  • Help to suppliers understand the requirements to meet standards
  • Giving end users to have confidence in the equipment they are receiving


  • 50% off e-learning until 30th September 2020
  • Upskilling professionals with industry applicable skills 

Further details on e-Learning


  • Investigation of alternative forms of sterilisation 

Gas metrology

  • Help in the design and validation of novel oxygen generator and monitoring systems

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Guidance to suppliers to help to ensure PPE face masks and visors meet the required standards.
  • Provision of the critical pre-compliance testing services to support new face mask and visor development.
  • Advice to support end users ensuring equipment meets safety standards.
  • Support for the assessment of PPE re-usability and the development of cleaning methods. 

Further details on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Diagnostic metrology

  • Support for developing coronavirus antibody tests, on assay development, device development, device qualification and bio-informatics

Vaccine development

  • Characterisation of virus-like and virus-derived vaccine platforms
  • Verification of the performance and efficacy of antigen-carrying vaccines

Consultancy and advice

  • Technical advice from world-leading measurement experts on deployment of new systems where measurement is involved 
  •  Linking organisations with specialist suppliers to meet manufacturing challenges 

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