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Supporting reliable underwater sensors for the oil and gas industry

The challenge

Stingray Geophysical developed a fibre-optic sensing technology to help oil and gas companies monitor undersea reservoirs. However, the company needed to confirm that there would be no impact on sensor performance once the sensor was introduced to deeper water.

The solution

As part of the Measurements for Innovators (MFI) programme, Stingray Geophysical approached underwater acoustics experts at NPL's Underwater Acoustics Laboratory, who helped to develop a test to prove that an optical sensor unit (OSU) could stand up to increasing hydrostatic pressure. This meant that the company could qualify their sensor to water of depths of 600 metres.

The impact

Confirmation of sensor performance proved extremely valuable for Stingray Geophysical, as did the very quick turnaround at NPL. The project was completed two weeks after the initial phone call.

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We at Stingray would like to express our gratitude for the services provided by the NPL Underwater Acoustics Laboratory. Following a phone call to NPL, we were able to set up our equipment and carry out the tests in less than two weeks. We are extremely pleased with the rapid response of NPL and the quality of the facilities offered.

Richard Luff - Operations Director of Stingray Geophysical