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Case studies

Ensuring the consistency of new five-bladed razors

We provided King of Shaves with a fast measurement process to monitor the quality of a new product while maintaining fast turnaround times

Case study

The challenge

Measuring the dimensions of razor blade cartridges is complicated by the small size of the individual components, as well as the inherent sharpness of the blades, which makes it difficult to measure along and across them. A means of regularly measuring batches of the product needed to be found to ensure consistency and quality of the product.

The solution

Our team in Huddersfield worked with the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre to develop a measurement method using a Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and a 3D printed fixture. They measured several batches of cartridges, giving King of Shaves the data required to evaluate its product and feed back valuable findings to the supplier. Throughout the project, the method was amended and refined to provide exactly the data required by King of Shaves, following evaluation of each batch. This resulted in a low-cost, rapid measurement process that met the required fast turnaround times.

The team in Huddersfield then set out to find an even faster, lower-cost measurement solution, capable of measuring the most important features of the product, as demonstrated by the CMM data. The team transferred the measurement process to a new instrument – a Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf® PGI, which is normally used to measure surface finish properties.

The impact

This new solution made the measurements 50% faster, while measuring a few less parameters, and was also very quick and easy to set up.

King of Shaves now has a relatively low-cost and quick turnaround for batches of cartridges, allowing the company to respond quickly to production pressures and rapidly evaluate changes made to the manufacturing process.

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