Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

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National challenges

Advanced Manufacturing

Creating and delivering measurement solutions to improve performance

Enabling UK organisations across all industrial sectors to innovate and compete

As the UK builds a greener, healthier and more resilient society and realises its vision to become a science superpower, there are two key objectives: 

  • achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050
  • improving wellbeing to ensure a healthy and resilient society

Industrial enterprises make a significant contribution to maintaining and growing national prosperity, and there is a global challenge to improve productivity and competitiveness to ensure long term economic growth. NPL's priorities are determined through the government strategy, investment in target areas, the innovation required to deliver change and industry readiness for industrial opportunities. 

Mark Summers presents an overview of NPL’s strategic vision related to the advanced manufacturing sector

NPL provides opportunities to impact productivity, time to market, and innovation through assurance that material formulation and manufacturing technologies meet the standards and specifications that businesses demand.

Mark Summers - Head of Advanced Manufacturing Strategy, NPL

Our metrology is making a difference

We work with industry to improve productivity and resilience in an agile, competitive and sustainable way. Providing excellence in measurement science and innovation, we cover all aspects of the product lifecycle:

  • Design - supporting the designer through ‘know how’
  • Test - meeting the regulatory needs of products or services
  • Make - assurance through data acquisition and analysis of process or product
  • Use - qualify process/product for thorough life capability management 

Advanced Manufacturing has a long-standing acceptance and understanding of the benefits of metrology, particularly for physical measurement. Standards, operating procedures, protocols and artefacts are widely used, which will facilitate the progression of metrology to support the acquisition and use of data to improve manufacturing.

NPL is supporting key areas of Advanced Manufacturing to:

  • meet existing regulatory or legislative requirements
  • provide the capability that underpins a broad range of research areas
  • sustain core metrology capability for UK business within existing laboratories
  • realise and maintain the SI units and primary measurement scales at existing scope and uncertainty levels

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Case study

Optimising the mechanical properties of nanocomposites


Case study

Using polymer composites in offshore environments with confidence


Case study

Validating magnetic sensors for the oil and gas industry


Case study

Measurement training improves efficiency for Lockheed Martin


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